02 Agustus 2009

MotorShow reminds me of BBF

Oh hello again, last Saturday i just attended the 16 th Indonesia International Motor Show. I've been begged by my dad and bro. Fyi this is the fisrt time IIMS take JIexpo at kemayoran as their new venue. Last year this event was held at JHCC senayan. So, it is bigger than the previous venue, and there's also a music stage and a drift circuit.And yes, i do have crush to this cutie greeen Ferarri. I do want to have this babiesss!

Well, no, kidding, it feels like heaven you know when i was in there, sooo what i really meant was this!

So this is Toyota iQ, well it's still a concept but it will be released 2-3 years from now. So Toyota iQ is available in 1,0 engine which is really environment friendly. I hope my parents will buy me this (lol). Hoping doesn't hurt right?

And well do you remember something when you see these?

Oh yes baby it's BBF's cars (rofl). Well the yellow one's not exactly the same, cos the one on BBF is Lotus Elise (if im not mistaken), but the off-white Cadillac is exactly the same as Jun Pyo's car!
But wait do you see there's a paper on the driver seat? What is it said?

Yep it's sold. Grrrawl what a filthy rich. While he's busy buying this car, on the other side of Indonesia there're people need that money for buying other more important stuff.


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CHEERpy TALK mengatakan...


candka mengatakan...

pengen toyota iq, kata kaka gw lucu mobilnya pas dia kesana

effika mengatakan...

emang lucu banget din sumpah ga boong gue aja pengen, msh 2 ato 3 taun lagi keluarnya

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